Memoirs Of An Abstract Mind: Dear Diary 9/6/2014

I’ve got to keep my mind focused.
There is a reason people are being taken out of my life. I may not always understand or even Know why, and they may not even have a real valid reasoning, but I can’t sit here and dwell on things and people that, yes i may wish were supposed to be here a life time, but were only meant to be here a season or two.

Other than a select few, Sometimes I wish I never met a lot of these people I know here in Michigan.

I WANT THE OLD ME BACK, except with all the progress i’ve made to this day. It sounds kind of odd to say, because I know that with out some of those people or paths I was sent on, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I am ever so grateful, but I can certainly do with out the pain of the backstabbing and lies and deceit.


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