Late Night Early Risings: Memoirs Of an Abstract Mind

**sighs of peace** 

Just waking up (3am) from a “nap” that was totally needed, Well not exactly a nap, more like I’d been up since waking from Fridays nap at 9:30pm. Finally laid down this afternoon and probably slept about a good 10 hours. 

Lets see, what happen with my day…..

Aaah…. I got a phone call from my job saying that there was a Jean special today only for employees. I mean what woman in her right mind would say no to $15 jeans that were originally $60.  Certainly NOT me. Saw my boss whom I haven’t seen in over a month. Missed her, even gave her a hug. O_o lol 

Than a walk to the bookstore. I’d been wanting to go for some time, but just couldn’t muster the strength and want to walk all the was there from the mall. It’s not too far, just not so very close. I think I was in there about an hour. The tiredness and headaches started to kick in, and I couldn’t wrap my mind around any books. Other than the fact that I am horrible with picking out books. It’s hard not to judge them by their covers. O_o Whether looking at the front or reading the back, the judgment is real, lol. But I did make myself grab one. It’s titled “Ugly Ways” written by Tina McElroy Ansa.

I wanted to come home and cook dinner, but it was still too early. So I eventually just laid down, and now here i am. 

Did you ever have one of those days where it seemed like you spent all day out and about, and when you looked at the time it had only been 2-3 hours max. That’s how I felt. I forced myself to stay out longer. I could have probably found some other things to do, but see the way my sleep was set up…. lol oh and long distant walking in sandals is NOT the business. At least not on concrete and cement. I love being barefoot and walking in those sandals was a tease. 

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