Why Do We Conform To How We Were Taught To Be Instead of Being Who We Are? : Memoirs Of An Abstract Mind

Life is about what? LIVING, right? 

Living, Being and Stepping Outside the Box…..right?

So why is it that some many of us are afraid to be ourselves?

It’s made clear in our growth that “WE ARE ALL MADE DIFFERENT

But the older we get we are told not to do certain things certain ways for fear of “not fitting in” or “not being accepted”

WHY IS IT THAT WE CHOOSE TO FOLLOW WHAT WE ARE TOLD TO DO AND BE, When in essence we all struggle for the same thing. Yes, you may not care what people think about you personality, for example, but what about the “normal” things that we uniform and mask ourselves with just to LOOK LIKE we fit in.

For a long time, I’ve searched for a personality with-in me for people to understand. and honestly I AM TIRED OF IT. If me being me is that painful for you, maybe we’re not meant to be in each others lives.  

Truth is NOT EVERYONE is EQUIP to handle each and everyone else being. And that’s fine. There is someone for everyone, yes, but even that one won’t be able to handle certain things of the other. And guess what, THAT’S OK TOO.

It’s about RESPECT, we don’t have to all get along, we don’t all have to be friends, but we all have to and NEED to RESPECT each other as INDIVIDUALS.  

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