You Got Served: Memoirs Of An Abstract Mind

It’s one thing to Remember,

and a whole other thing to Dwell. 
Yes, it’s okay to REMEMBER the past,

to remember where and what you’ve come from.

But in order to move forward in life you can not DWELL there.

Sometimes it’s necessary to serve ourselves Eviction Notices.

Leave the past where it’s at,

you don’t live there anymore.

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4 thoughts on “You Got Served: Memoirs Of An Abstract Mind

  1. betternotbroken on said:

    Beautiful post, I have been a “dweller” in many ways it is a form of self-harm. Let us all say no to “dwelling” and say yes to moving forward into the future with positive thoughts and actions.

    • YESSSSS!!!!!!! In one way or another we are all guilty. But the only thing constant is change, and we are able to as long as we are willing to.

      Be Blessed in Your Journey.

      • betternotbroken on said:

        Thank you as well, and may you path into the future be paved with blessings as well, with your attitude it is sure to be!

  2. Yes. I think I needed to read this today.

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