Getting Started Dear Diary 7/12: Memoirs Of An Abstract Mind

Good Afternoon Everyone

So I’ve been contemplating using my blog on a daily basis seeming as how my mind is always on the go. Maybe not even just daily,. perhaps it’ll be those moments when my is doing what it does and life presents those experiences worth sharing.

I was doing YOUTUBE videos, but I’ve never been much of a random talker. I totally have my full on random moments, my friends can attest to that, but PLANNED “I’M GOING TO DO A VIDEO” RANDOM MOMENTS, YEAH NO, lol. So always finding things to SPEAK about was/is my biggest issue. I have always been  a WRITER. I feel like my communication comes out a lot more effectively. As fun as it was doing the videos and stepping out of my “box” was a huge step for me. Not that i’ll never do Videos again, but for now…. WORDPRESS Will DO!



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2 thoughts on “Getting Started Dear Diary 7/12: Memoirs Of An Abstract Mind

  1. I’m learning to embrace what I enjoy and do well. Writing has been a passion of mine since I was a kid so it’s no wonder that every time I attempt something new and different, I always find my way back to pen and paper (or my blog).

    • I totally agree! some people ask me if it’s so easy to write why isn’t it just as easy to speak….. And that’s a good question, because i’ve tried, I’ve truly tried, but for some reason it just doesn’t come out the same.

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