Memoirs Of An Abstract Mind 1/30/2014

Home from work…

Sitting here thanking the Father for all his Mercies, and Insights.
Helping me to see things in new ways and understanding people as they are rather than taking people for what they present. It’s a big lesson to learn about people and why they act and react to things the way they do. Not just a lesson about those people, but a lesson of patience in yourself. Learning that people aren’t just are (if that makes sense) a lot of people are because of the way they were when they were before they reached your presence.

The more we are able to look deeper, To Think Quieter, To Feel Stronger, and To Love harder the more we can come to a common ground and even understanding, not with just those around us, but with ourselves that there is a reason for every thing, and no unreasonable notion for any thing.

We ALL have and have had our own Personal as well as Personable experiences. Not one person is “lucky” enough to have never struggled in any aspect of their lives. So next time someone seems to be giving you attitude or funk, keep in mind, They’ve probably been thru something. And be certain that they are not meaning to take their misalignment out on you. Don’t lash out back on them, Don’t snarl or roll your eyes…. as all these things could add more fuel to the fire that was already burning. Simply Breathe and remind yourself, IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU, and go along with your day.

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