Memoirs Of an Abstract Mind 1-26-2014 FreeFormed Lox

It’s been a while since I’ve been up here. I first started typing this as a facebook post, and than I realized it had/has more thought to it than to JUST be an Fb post. Please read, Like, Rate, Comment and let me know your thoughts views and ideas and opinions.

So here it goes:

Thinking and rethinking some of the things I say and have said.
My main thoughts are, the moments when I am retwisting my lox, I’ve said that I was TAMING MY MANE. looking at the dictionary… The word TAME means to be domesticated, to be Broken, or trained.

What Lion or Lioness, King or Queen for that matter, can you truly admit to have been successfully tamed? Any animal for that reason. If you look back into the history of people trying to domesticate “wild animals” there was always a time were they reverted back to their old way of nature. Or True sense of being.

What REAL King/Queen have you known to be weak enough to be broken, shackled or even overthrown?

I call my Lox “My Crown” as yes, a sense of Royalty. I am a child of the Most High, King of All Kings/Queens. If I wouldn’t allow anyone else to shackle me, why should/would I allow myself?

So yet again, here I am rethinking going/entering into the journey of FREEFORMING my lox.

What’s your take on this topic?

Do you have lox?

and if so, what do you prefer?

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