Moment In Thought: Memoirs Of An Abstract Mind 9/1/2013

It seems like in life we come across a lot of people that are “like” family, as opposed to those who actually are. 

It seems no matter how distant one may be from their blood related family, whether mentally, emotionally or physically, there is still no comparison even remotely connecting or comparing the two.

Blood is yes thicker than water, but even wind can cut through blood just as it ripples and makes waves in the biggest of oceans. 

No relationship we encounter in this life will ever be perfect. And we can’t expect it to. Just as the family we’ve spent our entire lives growing up around, we should learn to accept the people we encounter as they are. They spent their entire lives as they are so what makes us being in it any different than when we weren’t. 

Everyone has fought their on fight, and triumphed their own battles. You can’t hold someone accountable for their actions when all they’ve known is pain and strife the entirety of their life. 

We are all interlocked in this big huge world, blood or not, we need to build and lift each other up. Don’t just do it because they are “family”, do it because we all deserve to succeed. Succeed at simply living is what I mean. 

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