Sight Without GOD

There are a lot of things we don’t see, Not seeing them doesn’t not mean they are not there. We don’t see the future, but we still acknowledge in the minutes passing. We don’t see the air, but all in all you know we need it to Breathe.

The same as GOD, but our not seeing of him is in a different light. GOD is a vessel that we can only see once we look past the physical layout of things that have been pre-set into our minds of “things just being” aka “it is what it is”.

GOD is the Trees, He is the Water, God is The Air, GOD is the light and the path that is Set at your feet that we awake and arise to greet and walk each day that comes and goes. GOD is the Comforting arms in times of need when no one is around and that soothing calming breezing passes us by. GOD is that strong whispering voice when we are feeling discouraged saying to keep pressing forward, that the way has already been made. He is that Giant Tree, that when all of a sudden it starts raining, it appears out of no where to keep us safe and dry. 

I guess what I am saying is, don’t rely so much on your eyes, and the things you THINK you may know. Because there is always more to it than what merely is set before your sight. Look for the GOD in everything.

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