I am happy where GOD has me in my life right now, CONTENT, NO. 
Content in my minds means comfortable. Most people that are content don’t lead progressive lives. (i am not speaking on a materialistic level) Most people that are content don’t care about going forward with endeavors, or trying new things, heck even picking up a new book just to explore new corners of the imagination and worlds unknown. 

Like I said, YES i am Happy, But No I am Not Content. I want all the things my GOD and Promised me, I want to accomplish all the things that he has set out for me. All the while doing his work and spreading his word. Because this CONTENT life is NOT all that’s out there for us. This CONTENT Life is NOT what was meant for us. We should be ever wondering, wandering, exploring, Living, Loving, Laughing, Evolving and any other Progressing Progressive Descriptive Word You Can Think Of.

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