Blessed Rising Divine Souls 3/6/2013

Sometimes, more often than not, we are CALLED.

We are CALLED for many different things.

Things of different matters, things with and for different reasons.

Reasons we may not always understand.

Sometimes we DON’T WANT to understand.


Whether we understand it or not, we MUST REMEMBER, All these occurrences with-in our lives No matter what direction it seems to be bringing us in IS FOR A REASON. We must NOT TO LOSE FAITH. Our Triumph Comes From Our Trials.  We Must Remember To Remain Strong no matter what comes at us today. Not a Selfish strong, but the kind of strength that is adorned to us from our GOD. While he has called us to do things in our lives, He has not, and will not let us alone to accomplish these callings. As we go into what he has set out for us to do, He is not like some boss that gives us orders and leaves us to figure it all out on our own. Once we answer GOD’s calling for our lives, he stands and walks that much closer WITH US so that we don’t fall. He won’t just walk next to us or stand by us, HE WALKS WITH US, He encases himself with-in us, providing us with his strength to endure. He knows the road isn’t going to be easy but with his presence reminds us as long as we continue to walk in the faith that he will never lead us astray .


So As You Go Thru This Day Remember KEEP THE FAITH, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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