I saw someone mention they DON’T GO TO CHURCH, CAUSE THE PEOPLE ARE HYPOCRITES. What people #Fail to Realize is you are NOT Going to church for ANYONE but YOURSELF. YOUR Relationship with #God is what brings you closer to him, Not the others. EveryOne is in church for the same reason as you. Don’t be one that simply Gets The Hang of it, Be one That Hangs on. Hang on for your morality, Hang On Because it feels right to you. Hang on because even when you feel the most alone you know u can call his name and Crawl into his arms. Hear his voice saying everything is not just GOING TO BE OK Hear him say everything IS OK.

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One thought on “Hypocrites

  1. UsneakydevilU on said:

    Well said Empressiam.
    God is my first love, and I believe if you TRULY love God as He do you, it doesn’t matter what anyone says or what anyone does, it shouldn’t stop you from embracing Him fully. Your salvation is yours alone, we should never let anyone steal your joy!

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