Dear Diary Summer Entry 2011

This Summer has DEFINITELY been eventful. The good, the bad, the ugly, and of course THE BLESSED. And you know something, I WILL NOT COMPLAIN for a single second. God had his plan, and if it weren’t for that, I won’t be on the path for what’s to come. You’d have thought I was in summer school, cause the lessons I learned. Certainly memorable in a way that I can say some of the stuff WILL NOT happen again. I have learned lessons from friends, People I thought were friends, Family, those I thought were family, and everyone inbetween. lol… What about that good ole “Circle Of Life”. But what I am doing is breaking that circle and making it a straight path. No looking backing. Life is so different for me now. Different and better. I have no hard feelings toward anything or anyone. In all actuality, I thank EVERYTHING that played a part in my growth. Its funny the growth caused from the very people that try so hard to destroy you. My destruction is and can only be caused by me. Yes you all can try to knock me down, but please believe, I WILL NOT STAY DOWN.

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