The more people stay focused on the things they dislike the more those things will appear. #LawOfAttraction

Stay focused on things that make u happy, things that promote peace, and tranquility. Things that build you and others up.

In life We are made and built for progression, that’s why we get older and not younger.

Whether it be time, or even walking it all moves in forward direction. Never backward. Try walking backward, you’re more likely to fall. So Why move backward in any other situation?

Where Is Your focus?


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2 thoughts on “Focus

  1. I like this. At the moment I feel a bit lost, not knowing which direction to go exactly, and your post made me smile. 😀

    • I am glad it reached u. Life is about exploring and discovering, if everything was simply laid out in front of us what would be the point. Just live! Its ok to feel lost, being lost can be fun, think of all the things u can discover about yourself and the world around u!

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