We All Live It

Doing Some thinking about myself and life in general. More so the trials and tribulations I have endured. I am not ashamed of things that I been thru, nor will I be about anything I go thru in the future. I will never be afraid to tell my story.

We all go thru our hardships, we’re all put in to situations that, No, we are not proud of. But what matters is us pressing on. No matter how mad we get, “damn I why did I have to wake up”, or the simple “Why Me”. Every breath we allow into our circumstance is a step up and out. Its About using those opportunities to start on a new path, to explore your avenues.

Life Doesn’t have to stop when things seem to stop going your way. Just remember life is about adventure, discovering new things, ideas, people, Etc.

Explore your life, Keep open to every Blessing as well as every set back. A set back can simply mean slow down, you’re going too fast.

I am definitely discovering me.


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2 thoughts on “We All Live It

  1. hardships build character! i wouldn’t be the amazing person I am today if I hadn’t had all of my experiences (good and bad).

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