Take The Limits Off

The one thing that we go thru life in search for is freedom.

We search and strive for the limitless days, and times where we wish not to have to strive so hard.

“Anything Worth Having Is Worth fighting For”

Yes, but when those goals we strive so hard for seem so far away,

 and no matter how close we may feel we are getting,

there is always something or someone there to remind us just how far we.

Life isn’t about freedom,

or how hard we fight, but the struggles we choose to endure.

 The fight we put up doesn’t have to be so hard.

We most certainly don’t have to go through it alone.

What’s really holding us back is the LIMITS we place upon ourselves.

Self induced set backs,

 whether they be from us doubting ourselves,

or simply allowing people and obstacles to become walls and barriers.

Taking the limits off means being able to set aside all afflicting and conflicting issues.

And having a true sense of self.

If things in life were impossible,

 we would have never been able to think of them or dream them up.

Any and every thought we compose,

 is possible.

And once we move past the

“what-ifs” and “I don’t knows”

form a simple game plan

how we want to tackle these obstacles

 break the binds we are truly free from our greatest set back,

which is,


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